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CONTEXT: Each play I work on is unique in its research demands. This is not only because each play is unique in language, action, style, and historical and cultural context, but also because each production of a play is unique in directorial concept, design, casting and its purpose in serving the mission of the producing organization. I engage in research that spans a wide range of creative and practical considerations. The following examples illustrate the diversity of that research.

Interpreting the Text
Collaborating with Directors
Collaborating with Designers
Coaching Actors
Engaging the Audience


Performing Arts Resources/Theatre Library Association (Vol. 30) 2014:
Transcript of presentation delivered for the 2011 TLA Symposium at Lincoln Center/New York Public Library for the Performing Arts: “The Mirror Image: Shakespeare in Authentic Style”

American Shakespeare Center Study Guides 2005-2010:
Led a team of artists, scholars and graduate students in the creation of study guides for ASC plays designed to meet Virginia Standards of Learning and intended for secondary educators and students.
Sample Guides:

Southern Poverty Law Center/Teaching Tolerance ( 2001:
Online article journaling creative process behind the SPLC funded project Will and Reason (Alabama Shakespeare Festival / MFA Touring Production, 2000).

Theatre Symposium: Theatre and Violence (Vol. 7) 1999:
Article: “Figuring the Fight: Recovering Shakespeare’s Theatrical Swordplay”

Alabama Shakespeare Festival Magazine (Winter Edition) 1999:
Article: “Who’s Got Time to Sleep?” (a journal of MFA actor training at ASF).
Fight Master Journal (Spring/Summer, Vol. XXII, 1) 1999:
Section contributor: “Fight Directors’ Forum”

Southern Theatre Magazine (Vol. 38, No. 3) 1997:
Article: “John Corker: Balancing Art and Business in the Musical Rent”

The Women’s Book Project: Collected Essays by Judith Leemann (U.Va.) 1994:
Essay contributor: “Placing Our Voices”
Theatrical Directors: An International Dictionary (Frick & Vallillo. Greenwood Publishing) 1991:
Entry contributor:

    • Theatrical Directors
      • “Tadashi Suzuki”
      • “Jerome Robbins”
      • “Michael Bennett”
      • “Martha Clark”
The Fight Master Journal (Winter, Vol. XIII, 1) 1990:
Article: “Apache: The Original Dangerous Game”